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Since 1986, MICRON ENGINE & MACHINE has been providing quality machine shop services and engine rebuilding. At MICRON ENGINE & MACHINE, we specialize in cylinder head rebuilding and repair, as well as engine rebuilding and block machining. We are well known for aluminum cylinder head welding repairs, all of which are done in house. We provide our services to New Car Dealers, Independent repair shops, Lift Truck Dealers, and DIY enthusiasts. We service cylinder heads and engines from auto, light truck, marine, motorcycle & atv, snowmobile, lift truck, and even industrial. We service both domestic and foreign models, as well as vintage and high performance applications.

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We perform 3 angle valve seat machining using SERDI valve seat finishing system. All machining is done using SERDI 3 angle form tooling. This allows valves to seat better and run cooler and longer. We combine this with quality parts and careful assembly to produce a superior valve job. All in all, a better running engine that will run better, cleaner, and longer


Blown out spark plugs, stripped out spark plugs, ejected spark plugs, spit out spark plugs. Call them what you will, they are a problem. Especially on the FORD 4.6, 5.4, and 6.8 TRITON engines. There are many different repair techniques used to repair them, some are not so good. Here at MICRON ENGINE AND MACHINE we are experts at repairing blown out spark plugs. We have been repairing blown out spark plugs in the CHICAGO area for many years. We have performed these repairs for new car dealers, used car dealers, Police departments, rental fleets, and folks that have had their plugs blow out. We use only FULL TORQUE brand of repair. The FULL TORQUE method is the only method that is approved by FORD. FULL TORQUE is manufactured by LOCK n STITCH. Our FULL TORQUE inserts will never come out. This is GUARANTEED.  FULL TORQUE inserts are held in place with a locking pin. This locking pin makes it impossible for the insert to come out after installation. FULL TORQUE inserts are manufactured from hardened, anodized aluminum. The insert is stronger than the original material. This will prevent the threads from ever stripping again. It is also important to understand that coils made of steel or stainless steel transfer heat too slowly to allow the spark plug to cool and operate in the specified heat range. Aluminum expands at a rate 2.8 times more than steel. The steel insert will fail to maintain metal to metal contact with the cylinder head. The aluminum will expand away from the insert and the spark plug will loose its ability to transfer heat. If spark plugs overheat, pre-ignition and detonation can occur.


Modern computerized engines are unable to compensate for overheated spark plugs, and poor performance and gas mileage are common side effects of changing the heat transfer ability by using a thread repair device that is made of the wrong metal. The good news is that there is a solution. FULL TORQUE inserts have a thermal transfer rate, and an expansion/contraction rate that matches the cylinder head. There is more good news. In most cases, when the coil type or solid insert fail, we can repair the hole using FULL TORQUE inserts.


There is more to the story. Much more. If you would like to hear more, call MICRON ENGINE AND MACHINE at 708-343-6007 or 1-800-319-9273 and get all the details, and make an appointment to have that blown out spark plug repaired. Most repairs can be made in chassis. We can make the repair at the shop of your choosing, or we have several partner shops in the Chicago area where the repairs can be made.

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