degreased engine block Clean & Blasted. Ready for Boring

Here at MICRON ENGINES most of our parts are Thermal Cleaned and then Shot Blasted with Stainless Steel shot. Using this method, we can take a ditry, geasey, part and transform it to like new appearance.

thermal clean engine block Ready to be baked

Here we have the dirty block mounted in our oven, ready for baking. We can see the inside is pretty nasty. Imagine how bad the outside looks. When we bake the block, the heat will turn the grease, oil, rust, carbon, paint, and old gasket material into a powder that will then be removed by blasting with Stainless Steel shot.

cleaned cylinder block Baked & Ready for Blasting

This is the block after baking. All the contaminents have been turned to powder, and the block is ready for blasting.

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